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Work hours registration (Time sheets)

Don't waste your time waiting and rewriting down hours sent by your employees on paper sheets. Our system will collect, organize and provide this information to you when you need it the most!

Why is it worth using electronic hours registration?

This significantly speeds up the processing of hours and simplifies administrative work, sending invoices and calculating hours.

It significantly saves company's money and reduces misunderstandings at work.
No need to waste time rewriting employees ’hours off their notes.
It works at all devices, so no need to download or register for the app.
There are no doubts about the employees' hours - when registering hours, the employee must write in comments and upload photos about the work done.
The cheapest program in the market with many automatic features.
All information is 100% secured and inaccessible to anyone.

Working hours reports

With only 3 clicks you can see hours reports: hours worked for the entire project or hours worked by an individual employee for a selected time period. Mark invoiced hours and many other things.

Possibility to add pictures and comments.
Easy to track project progress, hours spent or salaries.
Professional reports for you and your clients.

How does an employee register working hours?

Hours registration in the system is very clear and simple, so even older workers will have no problem doing so. In addition, when recording hours worked, the employee can add photos and comments about the work done. This information is often relevant and useful to the employer or the customer.

Possibility to add comments and photos
It takes only 30 seconds to register hours
Lithuanian, English and Russian languages
Easy to use for all employees

Professional .pdf reports for clients

At any time you will be able to download professional looking work reports, which you can send or print to your clients. With that kind of report, there will not be any questions or complains for registered hours.

Does the customer refuses to pay for the work done?

The program requires comments of the work done and real photos from the workplace, thus this electronic hourly recording greatly reduces the chance that customer will refuse to pay for the work done by your employees. The most important thing is that you can quickly and professionally provide the customer all the work done by your company and any important information will not be forgotten.

On average, how much can you save by using worker.nu system?

Enter the number of your employees and projects below and we will calculate how much can you save per year by using the worker.nu administration system. You can safe your company money because the system will do a lot of administrative work for you automatically.

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Suitable price for everyone

We present the cheapest program of this type in Scandinavia. Calculate not how much you spend, but how much can you save.

Hours registration

5€/per month

For 1 employee

VIP help
No long-term obligations
Saves your time
Easy to use
Hours registration
+ tools control

7€/per month

For 1 employee

VIP help
No long term obligations
Saves your time
Information is 100% secured
Easy to use
Quality control
Tools control

5€/per month

For 1 employee

VIP help
No long-term obligations
List of all company tools
Monthly tools stock-taking
No more misunderstandings for registered hours
The employee will have to fill in the worked hours every day and add comment about the work done - so there can't be any misunderstandings about his time spent at the workplace.
Easy to use for everyone
The program is designed to be extremely simple and straightforward, so even older workers will have no problem using it.
Information is 100% secured
We guarantee that no one without you will have access to your company's data.
20+ companies already uses
You are in the right place

More app features

Worker.nu has many other useful features that can be useful when administering the business.

Tools control
Registration of downtime

5/5 rating

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