Hours Approval with Signature


We are pleased to introduce a new feature at Worker.nu – “Hour Approval with Signature”. This innovation will significantly ease and improve the processes of hour accounting and work quality assurance.

The hour signing feature allows your client to directly review and confirm the hours worked and the quality of work done. It offers the ability to quickly and conveniently sign reports with just a few clicks of a button. How to follow reported hours click here: https://worker.nu/en/time-sheet-for-construction-companies/

In the construction sector, as in any other job, it is crucial to ensure the completion and quality of work. Worker.nu offers a solution to do this efficiently and transparently by introducing order and discipline in the work team, and by consistently tracking the quality of work done. Our platform allows you to see the working hours, and add photos, and comments about the work completed.

Hour Approval with Signature is an additional step in reliability and transparency. It not only guarantees the results of the work but also provides written evidence to the client, avoiding any misunderstandings in the future. The client, upon receiving and opening the file in the system, automatically changes the status to “reviewed”. This means we have written confirmation that the client was informed and engaged in the process.

How to perform Hours Approval with Signature with Worker.nu?

  1. Select the desired project.
  2. Set the period.
  3. Easily send the reports for review and signing to the client with a few buttons.

You will find more information and instructions on our website.

Try this feature today and see how it will streamline your work processes.

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