New Calendar function


We are excited to introduce to you a new feature in the system – the Calendar!

This innovative feature is designed to help you more effectively manage your employees’ activities. The Calendar function provides easy access to a weekly work overview and clearly shows the hours logged by employees.

Key features of the Calendar function:

  • Working Hours Tracking: You will see whether all employees have properly filled in their working hours.
  • Holiday Planning: You can quickly review planned holidays.
  • Information Verification: With the click of a button, you can review logged hours, attached photos, and comments.
  • Color Differentiation for Projects: Different colors for projects will help you more easily and plan your daily or weekly tasks.

We hope that this new feature will become an invaluable tool in your daily work and help you manage employee tasks and time planning more efficiently.

To learn more about the Calendar function or to try it out live, we invite you to contact us or visit the website.

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Wishing you a successful work week,

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